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Made 1970s George Liwukan Bukulatjpi (c.1927 – 2007) Galiwin’ku, Elcho Island, East Arnhem Land Australian Aborigines developed a variety of artistic expressions; paintings on rock surfaces, sand drawing and painting on bark. ...

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Likely acquired by FP Pinkett 1895 - 1911. Epa is the name given to a specific system of religious worship; a sacred society within Yoruba culture. It is also known by...

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Shallow bowl, carved support with cockerel biting snake biting cockerel. Detached standing female figure on each side. For holding palm nuts used in Ifa divination. Likely acquired by...

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Shango stool

Wood, pigments. Seat supported by three carved figures, at the centre a horseman, flanked by a drummer and a Shango attendant carrying a staff. Likely acquired by FP Pinkett...

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