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Octopus bag

So called because of the four tabs dangling beneath the pouch, this shape actually represents the four legs of an animal with the opening as its mouth. Used for carrying...

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This is a small example of larger containers that would have been used for carrying clothing or other precious materials when travelling by canoe. This may have been used...

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This round deep basket is made out of woven strips of bamboo and covered with a resin, most likely to be lacquer. The handle is made out of two crossing...

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Hsun ok

A hsun ok is a spire-lidded vessel used for offering food to monks (Isaacs 2000:234). Unfortunately, with this vessel the spire is missing. The container is made in the coiled...

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Hip basket

This is a hip basket worn for ceremonial occasions. The basket is made of woven cane and decorated with lengths of black and dyed red goat’s hair. There are also...

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