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Photograph album

The significance of this object lies in its history and the very fine nature of its carving. It would benefit from further details pertaining to the Prince of Wales’ tour...

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Few Nootka wood-carving tools were collected on Cook’s third voyage. This adze would have been used for the coarse shaping and fine finishing of wood. The handle is...

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Neck rest

Tongan neck rests of this type are traditionally called “kali hahapo” and there a variety of neck rest types. This particular style of headrest (kali hahapo) is one of five...

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Spear thrower

A very old specimen with wooden peg attached set in with resin and sinew. The handle includes a large spinifex resin terminal and the wood body appears to have...

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Despite traditional views that this type of carving reflects famine and emaciation, modern thinking suggests that this is a representation of a deceased ancestor and was probably displayed during celebrations...

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This bifacial staff, ua, has obsidian inlay in the eyes of both faces. This was not only a weapon but a staff of authority that signified high status. ...

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Dance club

Small qauata curved dance club. Qauata or mada are dance clubs with a distinctive square ended blade and light form. They are were used at seasonal festivals in dances...

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Wooden figure

Portrait figures were often carved specifically for highly skilled drama presentations that took place during potlatches. A potlatch is a social ceremony about lineage that involves song and dance, reflecting...

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