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Photograph album

The significance of this object lies in its history and the very fine nature of its carving. It would benefit from further details pertaining to the Prince of Wales’ tour...

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Neck rest

Tongan neck rests of this type are traditionally called “kali hahapo” and there a variety of neck rest types. This particular style of headrest (kali hahapo) is one of five...

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Few Nootka wood-carving tools were collected on Cook’s third voyage. This adze would have been used for the coarse shaping and fine finishing of wood. The handle is...

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This xylophone was donated in 1911 by C.E. Pitman. A provenance of Myeik (Mergui), Burma was noted and it can be dated to late 19th Century. The wooden sound box...

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Spear thrower

A very old specimen with wooden peg attached set in with resin and sinew. The handle includes a large spinifex resin terminal and the wood body appears to have...

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These scented beads of muthithithi (sandalwood) are permanently blackened with plant juices (Rubia cordifolia) and tree bark (Syzygium cordatum). Finally packed in mud to fix the colour, they are coated...

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Created by craftsman Ha Ko Tani, this face mask depicts the character of a male lion called Sasano. Ka’gura is a ritual dance that has its roots in Japanese Shinto...

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