North America: Plains

Frank Weasel Head (Miiksskim) 1938 - 2015

The late Frank Weasel Head (Miiksskim) with Chief Crowfoot’s ceremonial regalia in the ethnography store, 2013. The visiting delegation consisted of Frank Weasel Head and Narcisse Blood (Mookaakin Culture and Heritage Society, Kainai Nation), Herman Yellow Old Woman and Kent Ayoungman (Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, Siksika Nation), John Murray and Carol Murray (Blackfeet Tribal Historic Preservation Office, Blackfeet Nation). Dr. Alvine Mountain Horse (Kainai) and Charlie Russell (Kainai) were also present.

Many of the items in this collection have a northern Plains provenance, or if known, a Blackfoot attribution. Details about the Plains collection include the following:

Cecil Denny collection

Edgar Dewdney collection

Collections from other donors

RAMM at the Blackfoot Digital Library (University of Lethbridge Library)

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