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A modern Amazon and its effects

A modern Amazon and its effects   Guest blog by volunteer Sam Garner.   The modern world is destroying the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous peoples who reside there.   Amazon Indian cultures are subject to Western influence.  They have done for hundreds of years.  Within RAMM’s World Cultures gallery are a couple of notable examples.  These […]

Re-display update

Re-display update – Discovering Worlds project                       Visitors making their way through the first floor galleries in RAMM will have noticed a large section of the World Cultures gallery has been blocked off with tall blue-painted hoarding (see image below left). Blue hoarding The Discovering Worlds […]

Project partners: the benefits

Project partners: what are the benefits Last week, as part of the Discovering Worlds project I visited the Sainsbury Research Unit (SRU) at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.  This brief sabbatical had four aims; To meet up with current project partners to discuss updates on collection information. To use the research library so that I can start […]

50 shades of brown

50 shades of brown Over the last year we have seen a number of team mates help to develop the Discovering Worlds project.  This includes a wide variety of essential tasks including the processing of object information of the collection database, taking measurements of objects and photography. The example on the left hand side shows former team mate […]

New display work

The display cases that will show objects from the island cultures of the Pacific Ocean (a vast region we call Oceania) are about to be transformed.  We have already taken down the objects from this part of the gallery so these cases look empty.  All of the objects have been taken down and were safely removed to the on-site […]

Curating Human Remains in the UK conference

Curating Human Remains in the UK conference Wednesday – 20 January 2016   Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol The Curating Human Remains in UK Museums workshop in 2014 highlighted a sectoral need and professional interest in building confidence in curating human remains.  In response to this need, the Natural Science Collections Association (NatSCA), the Museums […]

When is a banana not a banana? Part 1

This is the story of a mystery object.  It’s also an important lesson in valuing/ preserving historic museum documentation.   The Discovering Worlds project aims to open up RAMM’s Pacific collection by applying new academic research and transforming the new gallery with this information.  One item that has come to light is described as a ‘preserved banana‘ and it’s […]

New Fiji exhibition in Plymouth

Fiji: Ocean connections Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery – free admission 10 October 2015 – 16 January 2016 This newly-developed world cultures exhibition will explore the surprising connections between Plymouth and Polynesia.  Over a hundred artefacts from the Pacific island of Fiji have travelled to the Museum since the late 1800s. This exhibition will […]

125th anniversary of Wounded Knee

125th anniversary of Wounded Knee and Chief Big Foot Riders 25th Reunion Ride 2015 A new organisation has been founded by both Native American Lakota and Dakota individuals and a wider supporting community of like-minded people.  This group is called ‘Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee’ and was created to honour the memory of those who suffered […]

Aborigine cricketing discovery at RAMM

Cricket fans will be interested to learn of a recent discovery made at RAMM last week.  Does the name W.R. Hayman ring any bells?  On 29 October 1868, Hayman donated a small collection of Aboriginal items from Australia; a boomerang, a hand club, two spear throwers, two spears, two parrying sticks, three throwing clubs and two […]