This armlet is made of red plaited woven cane. It is decorated with an attachment of thick long black goat’s hair. The armlet was collected by William Ninnis Porter and can be dated to the late 1800s. Although the exact provenance is unknown, Jamie Saul notes ‘that the object is the armlet of a Tangkhul warrior and was confined to warriors. The black hair usually came from a female victim’ (Pers. Comm. 2006). A clear example has also been documented in ‘The Nagas, Hill Peoples of Northeast India’ (Jacobs 1998:270). Examples of how the armlets are worn in Naga ceremonial regalia can also be seen in ‘The Nagas, Hill Peoples of Northeast India’ (Jacobs 1998:143).

Object Summary

Museum Number 33/1907
Simple Name armlet
Full Name armlet
Common Name armlet
Production country Myanmar (Burma)
Material rattan; human hair
Collection class Personal ornament
Collection continent Asia
Collection area/region SE
Production county Chin State
Production continent Asia
Cultural group Chin