A tightly woven man’s cane helmet with an upturned peak at the back and a tassel at the crown that falls to the back. There are additional woven strings tied to the front of the helmet that would have held the front protruding hair knot. These distinctive helmets with the upturned back peak were worn by the Hill Miri and Apatani people from the remote mountain areas of Arunachal Pradesh. The expertly and tightly woven cane provided good protection and was hard wearing enough to deal with blows during battles. They were often decorated with additional feathers and hornbills. The RAMM helmet is a very nice example. Image from: http://www.himalayanfrontiers.com/english/activities/d/trekking-1/chandratal-via-hampta-pass-78.html

Object Summary

Museum Number 49/1949/124
Simple Name armour
Full Name helmet
Common Name helmet
Production country India
Collection class Arms and armour
Collection continent Asia
Collection area/region S
Production parish Apatanang?
Production county Himalayas, northern Assam
Production continent Asia
Production year high pre 1949
Cultural group Naga
Function name headwear