Made before 2001 Fatu Hiva, Marquesas Islands An important revival in Marquesan barkcloth (hiapo) is taking place. Decorative designs are based on traditional tattooing motifs which are associated with the male warrior spirit; serving as visual armour but also asserting power and authority. The human eye motif relates to the good sight needed in combat. The turtle is associated with the world of the dead travelling between the land and the sea.

Object Summary

Museum Number 127/2001/1
Simple Name cloth
Full Name barkcloth sheet
Common Name barkcloth
Production country French Polynesia (Overseas Collectivity of France)
Material paper mulberry; root or modern
Collection class Art non religious figures
Collection continent Pacific
Collection area/region POLYN
Production town Fatu Hiva
Production county Marquesas Islands
Production continent Oceania
Production year high 2001
Cultural group Marquesan