These are a large pair of men’s sandals made of leather soles and straps. The underside of the sole has iron studs and iron heels. There is also a name ‘Blakey’ imprinted on the leather. On the upper side of each sandal is an imprint of an elephant. The donor is R. Waterfield, and a provenance already on the database documents an origin of Bassein (Puthein), and the Irrawaddy Division. A suggested date of late 19th - early 20th century would be appropriate. Footwear was more common amongst the higher Burmese classes than the tribal communities. However, the shoes/sandals worn by the Burmese would have been of a different type. The size of these sandals, the connection with the Irrawaddy Division and the association with the name ‘Blakey’ suggests that the sandals would have been made for a westerner living or serving out in Burma, possibly made for Waterfield himself.

Object Summary

Museum Number 9/1945/20/1
Simple Name clothing
Full Name sandals
Common Name sandals
Production country Myanmar
Material leather; leather; iron; iron
Collection class Clothing and accessories
Collection continent Asia
Collection area/region SE
Production town Bassein (Puthein)
Production county Irrawaddy Division
Production continent Asia
Inscription transcription BLAKEY
Function name footwear