Curved and spurred, waka kiakavo club. These are heavy, two handed clubs developed to be a very effective offensive and defensive weapon. The spur is designed to parry attacking blows, while the heavy wedge shaped head is designed to maximise the force placed on a small area. In many cases saplings were grown into the right shape, increasing the strength of the club and decreasing the necessary woodwork. The waka kiakavo is a heavy fighting club with a distinctively ridged and furrowed inner curve under the head achieved by distorting the living sapling. It also has an ornamental ridge inside the fork of the head.

Object Summary

Museum Number E1606
Simple Name club
Full Name curved and spurred club
Common Name club
Production country Fiji
Material wood
Collection class Arms and armour
Collection continent Pacific
Collection area/region POLYN
Production continent Oceania
Production year high 1845
Function name weapon