Hip basket

This is a hip basket worn for ceremonial occasions. The basket is made of woven cane and decorated with lengths of black and dyed red goat’s hair. There are also two lengths of hair(?) the ends of which are sealed to be used for attachment to the carrier. The basket is worn by men and is used for carrying either darts or ‘panjis’, which are sharpened bamboo spikes stuck in the ground to impede the enemy (Jacobs 1998:238). The basket was collected by William Ninnis Porter and dates to the late 1800s. Although the exact provenance is unknown, one of the original museum labels suggests that the object originates from the Chin tribes, in Upper Burma.

Object Summary

Museum Number 43/1907
Simple Name basket
Full Name hip basket
Common Name hip basket
Production country Myanmar
Material cane; human hair; goat’s hair; grass
Collection class Containers
Collection continent Asia
Collection area/region SE
Production county Chin State
Production continent Asia
Cultural group Chin
Function detail basket for darts