This round deep basket is made out of woven strips of bamboo and covered with a resin, most likely to be lacquer. The handle is made out of two crossing pieces of wood. The object can be dated to late 19th/early 20th century. The receptacle would have had a number of functions within the household. The containers that have been included in this section are not necessarily unique. They have been included in the report because they are representative of an essential element of Burmese life. As suggested by Fraser-Lu ‘A Burmese house boasts many receptacles made from bamboo and palm for holding firewood, fruit, vegetables and grain’ (1994: 299).

Object Summary

Museum Number 9/1945/29
Simple Name container
Full Name basket
Common Name basket
Production country Myanmar
Material bamboo; wood; resin
Collection class Containers
Collection continent Asia
Collection area/region SE
Production continent Asia