Cushion cover

Bark cloth comes from the fibres of a tree’s inner bark. In Uganda the Mutaba tree is preferred as it produces a favourable deep red colour. This patched cushion cover is made using barkcloth and is the creation of Ugandan-artist Sarah Nakisanze. This item incorporates her own kakeeka design.

Object Summary

Museum Number 14/2003
Simple Name cover
Full Name embroidered cushion cover
Common Name cushion cover
Production person surname Nakisanze
Production person initials Sarah
Production country Uganda
Material inner bark fibre (Ficus Natalensis); pigment
Collection class Household objects
Collection continent Africa
Collection area/region E
Production parish Buganda
Production continent Africa
Production year low 1990s
Production year high 2003
Cultural group Buganda
Function name cushion cover
Function detail Cushion cover for domestic use.