This xylophone was donated in 1911 by C.E. Pitman. A provenance of Myeik (Mergui), Burma was noted and it can be dated to late 19th Century. The wooden sound box of this ‘Patala’ is boat shaped and positioned on a stand. The box has been decorated with gold flower and leaf motifs, the box being edged with a thin red rim. The bamboo keys, of which there are twenty, are suspended from the frame by two red cords passing through holes drilled in their ends. The keys are struck by two cloth-covered beaters. The ‘Patala’ is used the accompany singers or during ‘anyein’ performances, a theatre genre that originates within the royal court.

Object Summary

Museum Number 287/1911
Simple Name musical instrument
Full Name xylophone
Common Name patala
Production country Myanmar
Material wood; pigment; wood; wood; pigment
Collection class Musical instruments
Collection continent Asia
Collection area/region SE
Production town Myeik (Mergui)
Production continent Asia
Production date 1885