Matching armoured sleeves (kote) were created in the late 12th century. However, this is an example of oda gote because of the link to the Oda school where it originated. These sleeves are marked by gourd-shaped plates (hyotan gane) which were sometimes hinged to open up to store medicines or other materials. These sleeves are covered with mail. On the reverse side this pair also incorporates a piece of red trade cloth that was exported from Britain to many parts of the world.

Object Summary

Museum Number 190/2000/1
Simple Name sleeve
Full Name sleeve
Common Name sleeve
Production country Japan
Collection class Arms and armour
Collection continent Asia
Collection area/region E
Production county Kaga
Production continent Asia
Function name armour
Function detail we don’t know when this item was donated to the museum, but it was likely acquired in the 19th century