Spear head

Obsidian blade technology on this island group is over 4,000 years old. Obsidian sources were originally located on the islands of Poam, Mouk and Lou and was traded along the coast and the island interior. In response to the first Europeans coming ashore by the late 19th century new markets developed. Daggers and spears that were normally made in abundance for the domestic market were instead being produced for trade as early as 1860 until the 1980s.

Object Summary

Museum Number 130/1997
Simple Name spear head
Full Name obsidian spear head
Common Name spear head
Production country Papua New Guinea
Material obsidian; wood; gum; pigment
Collection class Arms and armour
Collection continent Pacific
Collection area/region MELAN
Production county Admiralty Islands
Production continent Oceania
Function name weapon