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Canoe prow ornament

Figureheads of this general type were tied to the prow just above the waterline of large voyaging canoes used for trading and raiding in the western islands of Solomon Islands...

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50 shades of brown

...the sea and land for the natural resources they could access. With these limited resources they were able to create a diverse range of tools and weapons using the wood...

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Spear rest

This rare spear rest would have been fixed to a canoe to hold barbed spears. The human-like figures were made by a specialist canoe carver (kahuna kalai wa’a), and...

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This nkisi (power figure) is probably a leopard. The box on its back, cloth around its neck and cane in its mouth contain medicinal substances. The nails in its back...

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U’u club from the Marquesas Islands. The u’u is the best known Marquesan weapon form, belonging to the toa (warrior class) of Marquesan society. Pitched battles were incredibly significant social...

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Shango stool

Wood, pigments. Seat supported by three carved figures, at the centre a horseman, flanked by a drummer and a Shango attendant carrying a staff. Likely acquired by FP Pinkett...

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Model sled

Wood, fur, sinew, cotton thread. A model sled loaded with furs, hunting implements and a catch of seals. Early to mid 20th century....

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A female doll made of wood with carved and painted features and painted-on hair. She wears summer clothing. Early to mid 20th century....

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