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Oceania exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art

Oceania – at the Royal Academy of Art, London   29 September – 10 December 2018   The Royal Albert Memorial Museum is very fortunate to loan a very rare Pacific costume to the Oceania exhibition at the Royal Academy of Art in London later this year.   Oceania marks 250 years since Captain Cook’s […]

New display work

The display cases that will show objects from the island cultures of the Pacific Ocean (a vast region we call Oceania) are about to be transformed.  We have already taken down the objects from this part of the gallery so these cases look empty.  All of the objects have been taken down and were safely removed to the on-site […]

When is a banana not a banana? Part 1

This is the story of a mystery object.  It’s also an important lesson in valuing/ preserving historic museum documentation.   The Discovering Worlds project aims to open up RAMM’s Pacific collection by applying new academic research and transforming the new gallery with this information.  One item that has come to light is described as a ‘preserved banana‘ and it’s […]