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Hoe currency

This hand-made forged iron hoe was unearthed in the donor’s garden. It resembles prestige or hoe currency. Such forms were used as bride wealth. The shape isn’t meant to serve...

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Poata or bahika

This is a high-value money-ring of fossilised tridacna shell characteristic of Santa Isabel island. The usual name for rings like this with a yellow stain on one side is...

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Trade bar

Manillas were produced in their millions and imported to West Africa for over 350 years, primarily as currency, but also as a source of copper. It finally ceased as...

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Cast in millions in various places in England (including Exeter). Imported to West Africa for over 350 years, especially South-East Nigeria as a source of copper, as well as currency....

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Kissi penny

Iron bar used as currency by Kissi and other peoples of eastern Sierra Leone and Liberia. In use until the 1850s to buy goods, and indeed people as part of...

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