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Shrine spoon

This copper alloy spoon shows Shiva under a snake canopy. It was used in a temple to Shiva to sprinkle holy water onto devotees as they leave the temple after...

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This wooden shrine is carved in the shape of a gourd. Krishna is depicted playing a flute and is wearing a peacock head-dress. He is accompanied by two cowherders (gopis)....

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This ivory pointer carries a carving of a kneeling figure. It was used in Ifa divination to mark the results of the fall of palm nuts or seed cases. Ivory...

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A fan from northern Nigeria. Likely acquired by FP Pinkett 1895 - 1911....

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Originally used by those living nomadic lives, British colonials later used them as footstools. Likely acquired by FP Pinkett 1895 - 1911....

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A decorated iron-bladed knife, that would not have been used as a weapon....

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