Associated artefacts

A number of totem associated artefacts were produced in June to highlight traditional carving and painting skills. There are two paintings in the collection. The first is called Chief’s Box Killer Whale, which was painted by Tom Paul, signed by him and dated 20 June 1998.

Chief's Box Killer Whale

Paper, acrylic paint. 249 x 175mm. Accession number 151/1998.



















Patrick Amos created this second painting of a whale. This image was used as the design for the Na-yii-i invitation to the dedication ceremony for Ilchinik.


killer whale

Paper, acrylic paint. 250 x 250mm. Accession number 167/1998.


















Carved cedar items include the head of Raven by Krystle Amos.

head of Raven

Cedar, acrylic paint. L.148mm. Accession number 154/1998.

















RAMM was also presented with a relief carving of the head of a wolf. This was created by apprentice carver Peter Amos, who was 12 years old at the time.

Head of a wolf

Red cedar, acrylic paint. L.115mm. Accession number 259/1998.




















Donna Lucas also created woven cedar bark head bands for those participating in the ceremonies. The cedar bark was brought over from Vancouver Island, the raffia was sourced locally. This particular head band remains unfinished to help demonstrate how cedar bark is woven.

Unfinished woven headband.

Red cedar bark, raffia. L.190mm. Accession number 255/1998.