The collection: Asia

Whilst items from China, India, Japan and Myanmar (formerly Burma) form the larger part of the Asia collection there is also material from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet and Southeast Asia. There are approximately 3,000 items from this part of the world.

A display on Buddhism

A display on Buddhism

Significant items within the collection include a 19th century elm bark cloth Ainu tunic from the Ishicari district on the northwest coast of Hokkaido island, Japan. There are also ten 15th century glazed ceramic plauqes from the Shwegugyi and Ajapalacetiya pagodas of Bago in lower Myanmar. They depict scenes from the temptation of Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) by the demon Mara.

'Golden Fields of Rice' made by Mutsumi Suzuki in 2009

‘Golden Fields of Rice’ made by Mutsumi Suzuki in 2009


A more contemporary and recent addition is an exquisite lacquerware tamenuri container made by artist Mutsumi Suzuki. Tamenuri is a Japanese term used to describe the deep red colour.