This Designation-funded work was conducted with the University of Exeter. RAMM would like to thank Michelle Bolduc, Natalia Mudd, Marian de Biasi, Raphael Werner, Marina Altoe’, Tamara Phillip and Bi Xiaolong.

Visitors can now access a Chinese translation of the Africa and Pacific primary panel text in the World Cultures gallery. This is a text that appears on the large acrylic panels within the displays.


Please click on the links below to access the translation (PDF format).


Africa display

Introduction – Discovering Worlds Africa intro FINAL 发现世界:非洲 E1 介绍性文本

African Encounters – African Encounters Primary Panel FINAL E15 非洲人之间的相遇

Weaving Worlds – Weaving worlds Primary Panel FINAL. E14 纺织世界

Faces of Africa? – Faces of Africa Primary Panel FINAL.E13 面具和化装

Body Beautiful – Body Beautiful Primary Panel FINAL E5 珠饰品

A Trader in the Congo – A trader in the Congo Primary Panel FINAL E6 刚果的一个商人

Pacific display

The Sea Defines Us – The sea defines us 主题1 定义我们身份的海洋

Competition and Conflict – Competition and conflict 主题3 竞争和冲突

The Stuff of Life – The stuff of life 主题2 生活的内容

Rites of Passage – Rites of passage 主题5 形式各样的仪式

Speaking to the Gods – Speaking to the gods 主题4 与上帝对话