Bark cloth

This long length of barkcloth (masi) was made and decorated by women. It is decorated with stencilled motifs; long diamonds in the Cakaudrove style and ladder motifs in red. It has been cut from a much larger piece. It dates from the late 19th century and was was originally transferred from the Burton Art Gallery. Original acquisition details are unknown but was obtained at a time when Fiji had ceded to the British Empire. Paint pigments are created by the following; candlenut (black), red earth and gadoa tree root bark (red and dark brown). This item is going on loan to the Arts of Fiji exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, University of East Anglia in 2016.

Object Summary

Museum Number 54/2003/4
Simple Name cloth
Full Name bark cloth section
Common Name bark cloth
Production country Fiji
Material bark cloth
Collection class Textiles and equipment
Collection continent Pacific
Collection area/region POLYN
Production continent Oceania
Production year low 1860
Production year high 1900