Game piece

This is likely to be a stone used in the ‘ulumaika game. Still played today, ‘ulumaika is a game that had long historical roots. ‘Ulu maika is a pitching game that was traditionally played as part of the festivities of the Makahiki season and was an occasion for boys to test their strength and accuracy. Because it is frequently encountered at archaeological sites, it is assumed that this game was played frequently. ‘Ulu maika involves rolling disk-shaped stones, mostly made from basalt and sometimes coral, down a kahua, a course of flattened ground. The aim was to roll the stones between two pegs standing only several inches apart without hitting either one of them.

Object Summary

Museum Number 19/2001/5
Simple Name game
Full Name game piece
Common Name game piece
Production country Hawaiian Islands (United States of America)
Material stone
Collection class Toys dolls and games
Collection continent Pacific
Production county Hawai’i
Production continent Oceania
Production year high pre 2001
Function name game