A man’s conical shaped cane hat, decorated with coloured orchid stems and red and black dyed goat’s hair. Although the shape of these conical cane hats originated with the Kalyo-Kengyu, they were worn by many different groups, who came under the general heading of Naga, for festivals and head-hunting expeditions. The use of the multiple dyed stems in the weaving of the helmet makes this a very nice example.

Object Summary

Museum Number 53/1929/23
Simple Name headdress
Full Name ceremonial headdress
Common Name headdress
Production country India
Material rattan; goat’s hair
Collection class Religion and magic
Collection continent Asia
Collection area/region S
Production county Assam
Production continent Asia
Production year high pre 1929
Cultural group Naga
Function name ceremonial headdress
Function detail Worn during festivals and head-hunting expeditions.