These scented beads of muthithithi (sandalwood) are permanently blackened with plant juices (Rubia cordifolia) and tree bark (Syzygium cordatum). Finally packed in mud to fix the colour, they are coated in castor oil. Worn by a woman.

Object Summary

Museum Number 196/2007/42
Simple Name necklace
Full Name necklace
Common Name necklace
Production country Kenya
Material wood from the mutangaana tree; hide strip
Collection class Personal ornament
Collection continent Africa
Collection area/region E
Production continent Africa
Production year high 1970s
Cultural group Kikuyu
Function name adornment
Function detail Munyungamai (in Kikamba), Mutero (Kiembu), Olosesiyet (Kimaasai) and Muthithithii (Kikuyu).